Year 1997

The first centre was established in Wangsa Maju, Section 1 called Pusat Tuisyen Suria Jaya.

Year 1998

Pusat Tuisyen SURIA Jaya moved to new premises at Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju.

Year 1999

Suria Jaya extended to Suria Jaya B to Accommodate bigger capacity of students.

Year 2000

Subsequently Suria jaya extended to Suria Jaya C due to the high demand and rapid growth of business.

Year 2001

We established the 5th centre in Gombak called Pusat Tuisyen Suria Jasa.

Year 2002

Suria Jaya purchase our own building and centralised Suria Jaya A,B and C.

Year 2003

We expanded our business in Lembah Maju with a centre called Pusat Tuisyen Suria Maju.

Year 2006

We took over a former tuition centre and established Pusat Perkembangan Kanak-kanak Suria.

Year 2007

The 9th centre was established in Ampang as Pusat Tuisyen Suria jaya (Ampang).